3D Laser Scanning Services Offer Technological and Cost Saving Benefits

Ultrasound scanning during pregnancy includes the involvement of 3D technology, which means you get almost a real-time picture of your baby. Most of the images are clicked in 2D format, and then special effects are added to the same to make it a proper 3D one. Several types of scans and tests are now easier due to the involvement of such advancements in technology. 

For example, if an expecting mom has to undergo a Harmony Scan or a Nipt test Harmony, you get the most satisfactory results. Besides, we at City Ultrasound also assure an overall technological and cost-saving procedure with the finest quality of equipment and expert doctors. 

Generally, an ultrasound scan is essential to ensure that the baby in the mother’s womb is alright, and there are no prenatal abnormalities. Besides, getting an idea about the proper and healthy development of the fetus is what every parent wants to know during this crucial journey. 

What are the benefits of 3D scans? 

There are quite a few benefits that you are entitled to when you undergo a Harmony Scan or Nipt Test Harmony using the 3D technology at City Ultrasound. Here is a brief idea of the same. 

  • The mother gets a much better view of the heart structure of the fetus because of the picture clarity. This is impossible if you undergo a 2D ultrasound. 
  • Opting for the 3D laser scanning at CU means that you have to spend reasonably less on the most advanced technology. 
  • 3D scanning helps in a better and easier understanding of the fetal development
  • Fetal diagnosis and heart screening become quicker with the involvement of 3D technology. 
  • 3d laser scanning works best during the procedure of fetal musculoskeletal syndrome and neural defects. 
  • Fast detection of any facial defects of the fetus

Why choose City Ultrasound?

There are four main reasons why we claim that City Ultrasound is the best for 3D laser scanning. Here is why:

  • We value the health of the mother and the baby. So, using only the latest 3D software and technology is of the utmost importance for us. 
  • The scanning solution is unique, and so you will get even the smallest of the crucial medical information. 
  • The GE Voluson E10 is at its most advanced configuration stage at present. Plus, it is the latest model that anyone will find in the market. 
  • The Voluson E10 scanning machine is super powerful, and the visualization options are incredible too. 

Apart from using the latest technology, we also understand that going through a pregnancy journey is not easy emotionally and financially. So, we assure you of the most affordable and reasonable deals for the best services.